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* Starflower's *

* Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbols *


Mixed Media on Canvas

* Allow me to channel your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol to support you on your Divine Journey *

* Your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol is unique & sacred 

and is your personal key to unlocking the Divine Blueprint of your Soul's Highest Expression *

* Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol *


Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol Pick up from Studio

Simply Contact me for further information, including your

* Full Name

* Date of Birth

* Postal Address

and I will channel a unique Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol * just for you!

* Contact Sonia *

* Ready to connect with your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol!*

* Your Investment *

$150 Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol (Mixed Media on Canvas)

Your investment is per person and per Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol

* Payment & Refund Policy *

* Size & Shape of Canvas *

Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol (Mixed Media on Canvas)

Your creation may be applied to a specific shaped canvas in accordance with Divine Guidance

for example: Circle, Heart, Rectangle, Square, Oval

approx 30cm Diameter, depth 1.5cm

(Please note: size & depth of canvas may vary by approximately 1 - 5cm depending on availability)

* Larger Sizes are available by request * 

(Please note: additional charges will apply for larger sized canvas and postage of larger sized canvas)

* Please contact me for further information *

* Contact Sonia *

30cm Diameter

Depth: 1.5cm

30cm x 30cm x 1.5cm

25cm x 30cm x 1.5cm

30cm x 30cm x 1.5cm

25cm x 35cm x 1.5cm

* Materials *

* Materials which may be used to create your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol *

Glitter, Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Sequins, Adhesive, Stretched Canvas

* Pick up or Postage *

* Pick up your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol from my Studio, simply contact me to arrange an appointment.

* Free Postage Worldwide, simply contact me to provide me with your Postal Address please.

* Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol arriving in the Mail *

Your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol is packed with bubble wrap and placed into an appropriately sized cardboard box for Delivery. 

* Please allow up to 28 days to receive your Spiritual Alchemy Soul Symbol *

* I will keep you updated via email / text message with information including when your package has been sent and your tracking number *

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