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* Reiki *

* Reiki * is one of the many techniques which may be applied during your * Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session *

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy therapy where I, as your specialist Reiki Master Practitioner channel and direct the 'Universal Life Force' energy through the palms of my hands. The energy flows to wherever it is required in your body. This technique s recommended for all who are new to energy therapy and is particularly beneficial for children, the elderly and pregnant women as it very nurturing and gentle.

What Happens During your Session?

During your session, you are asked to comfortably position yourself on the massage table where I then gently place my hands on specific locations on your body or in your energy field, allowing a flow of energy transfer. During your Distant Session, the Sacred Reiki Symbols are applied to allow a transfer of energy over Distance, Space, and Time. This allows you to receive the benefit of the energy in accordance with Divine Timing so that it does not interfere with your Daily Routine.

This is a very gentle, nurturing form of therapy where you may experience a greater sense of peace, deep relaxation and an overall sense of well being. Reiki is also a spiritual method for personal growth and transformation. At the end of your session I will offer any insights that I received during your session and I also ask for any feedback that you feel comfortable in sharing.

How Many Sessions Will you Need?

Due to the gentle nature of Reiki, you will benefit from a single session or you may like to have ongoing sessions. Many clients like to have regular Reiki sessions purely for the purposes of relaxation. I discuss options with you at the end of your session specific to your personal requirements.

Please note: All sessions are designed to assist you in attaining deep relaxation along with personal growth and transformation. You will remain fully clothed at all times. These methods are all forms of complementary therapy and in no way replace conventional medicine.


* Reiki Relaxation *

* Reiki Tuition *

Would you like to become a qualified Reiki Practitioner?

* Reiki Tuition is available by request *

* Reiki 1 *

* Reiki 2 *

* Reiki Master *

Your Reiki Qualifications are Nationally Recognized by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).


* Reiki 1 Tuition *


* Reiki 2 Tuition *


* Reiki Master Tuition *

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