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* Pendulum Power Clearing *

* Crystal Pendulum * is one of the many techniques which may be applied during your

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session*

During this Session a Crystal Pendulum is used to Dowse, Identify & Clear the origin of any imbalances within your current circumstances.

* You may also Submit Questions / Topics which you would like explored *

As a suggestion, I encourage you to identify any challenges to your current circumstances and also assess your goals and what it is that you would like to achieve and then we can explore together and clear anything which may be blocking you from achieving your desired goals.

* This session can be experienced in person or remotely as part of a

* Distant Spiritual Alchemy Session *

Are you feeling challenged with:

* Chronic Fatigue *

* Stress *

* Depression *

* Work / Life Balance *

* Life Purpose *

* Addictions *

* Career *

* Relationships *

* Financial Flow & Abundance *

* Spiritual Direction *

Have you developed Pain or Disease in your body? The Source of this discomfort is often associated with a strong Emotion which has not been processed completely and is consequently stored in your cellular memory.

Have you ever started a diet, exercise program, or budget for example, with the best possible intentions to see it through to completion and achieve your goal? You begin with enthusiasm however, for various reasons you are unable to maintain momentum or your plan simply doesn’t deliver the results you were expecting??

The Reason you may be unable to sustain these changes, see your plans through to completion or achieve your desired goals may be as a result of Conscious or Subconscious Beliefs, Affirmations, or Internal Programs which are blocking your Success or Progress and generally holding you back from achieving your Full Potential.

* Allow the Power of the Crystal Pendulum to clear the Source of any imbalance *

Now is the time to Clear & Release these Conscious & Subconscious Blocks and Raise your Vibration to achieve the Health, Success and Desired Results which may have been eluding you until NOW .

* Each Session is tailored to meet your individual requirements *

Please note: All sessions are designed to assist you in attaining deep relaxation along with personal growth and transformation. You will remain fully clothed at all times. These methods are all forms of complementary therapy and in no way replace conventional medicine.


* Pendulum Power Clearing *

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