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* June * 2022* Newsletter *

* Welcome to the vibrations of June *

* Each of us shines a unique

* Light *

and together we create a

* Symphony of Light *

to share with each other and the Universe.

I encourage you this month to activate your brightest light,

* be colourful *

and weave your unique light throughout the tapestry of your life

and the lives of those around you *

* Therapies *

* Intuitive Oracle Reading *

$100 ..... 1hr

* Reiki Relaxation * 

$150 ..... 1.5hrs

* Crystal Chakra Balance *

$150 ..... 1.5hrs

* Divine Timing Crystal Meridian Balance *

$150 ..... 1.5hrs

* Spiritual Alchemy *

$250 ..... 2.5hrs

* Pendulum Power Clearing *

$250 ..... 2.5hrs

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring *

$1500 ..... 6 x 2.5hr Sessions

* Distant Sessions include a comprehensive Report * 

* Distant Pendulum Power Clearing *


* Distant Spiritual Alchemy *



* Therapies *

* June 2022 *

* Trading Hours *

* I am Open for Business *

* In Person Sessions available now *

* Distant Sessions also available *

* All Sessions are by Appointment only *

* Sessions & Training Courses available 7 Days *

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

Sunday: 9 am - 5 pm

* Please Contact me if you require any further assistance or have any questions *

* Contact Sonia *

I invite you to journey with me this month as I explore the topics of:

* In Person *

* Therapy Sessions & Tuition *

* Available now *

* Specials *

* Spirit Art *


free postage

* Connect with your unique and personal Spiritual Guide *

* Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Reading *

* Includes your Personalized Numerology Profile for 2022 *

$100 ..... 1hr

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey Special *

$1500 ..... 6 x 2.5hr Sessions + Spirit Art

* Includes a Divinely Inspired drawing of your personal energies, on completion of your Journey, as a special Gift *

(Spirit Art valued at $150)

(Payment plan available...Deposit must be paid by 30th June 2022 to secure your Special offer)

* Mukti Yoga Centre *

* Free Class Pass for New Students *


* Events & Specials *

* June 2022 *

* Gratitude *

* Collective Consciousness *

* Mercury Retrograde *

* 10th May - 3rd June 2022 *

* Mystical Numbers *

* 22 * Master Builder *

* 6 * Love * Beauty * Harmony * Balance *

* Choose Love *

& much more in this months Newsletter Edition *

* I invite everyone this month who feels guided and ready to make significant positive changes in their life circumstances,

to consider one of my

* Divinely Inspired Spiritual Alchemy Sessions *

* now including Kinesiology Concepts *

whatever your concerns may be,

I'm ready to listen & apply all of my skills & knowledge to gently support you on your journey *

* All are welcome *

* A Spiritual Alchemy Session is an ideal way to explore areas in your life you wish to strengthen & develop,

and those that you wish to release *

* Set your intentions for the life you truly wish to live and step through the Doorway into a brand new world *

* Now is the time to shine your brightest light and align with your Divine Life Path and Purpose *

* Book in today to secure your time for a powerful Energy Session *


* Therapies *

* I have much to share with you this month, so settle in and enjoy the journey

as you scroll down through my articles of interest *

* June *

* Each new day brings a sense of * Renewal * Excitement *

* Fresh Energy *&* Infinite Opportunities *

* I am so excited to share my Divinely Inspired * Knowledge * Wisdom * & * Insight *

with you this month *

I invite you this month to work with the energy of * INTUITION & CLARITY *

June is the 6th month of the calendar year and marks the beginning of WINTER in the Southern Hemisphere!!!

June and the number 6 is also associated with the colour * INDIGO *

* INDIGO * and the number 6 radiates the energy of:

* Intuition *

* Clairvoyance (clear seeing) *

* Vision *

* Clarity *

* Balance *

* Harmony *

* Beauty *

* Initiation *

* 3rd Eye Chakra *

* Clarity of Mind *

* Self Acceptance *

* Self Mastery *

Consider incorporating shades of * Indigo * into your life this month 

along with some warmer colours like Burgundy, Plum, Red, and Orange 

to lift your mood and your energy in the cooler weather....

consider wearing * Indigo * clothing, underwear, or jewellery.

You may even wish to use * Indigo * soap this month

Give it a go…tune into your own body and notice how you feel!!!

* Now is the perfect time to activate & develop your * Intuitive Abilities *

Consider experiencing an

* Intuitive Oracle Reading *

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session *

or take your awareness to the next level and attend any one of my

* Training Courses *

to further develop & enhance your natural skills and abilities *

* Gratitude *

Wow!! We have made it to the midway point of the Year! 

I'd like to begin with a big thank you to all who felt guided to experience my

 * Intuitive Readings * 

Training Courses *

* Therapy Sessions * 

so far this year...I am so grateful to each and every one of you for choosing me as your guide to support your sacred journey to wellness & Mastery.

It truly is a great honour to be of humble service, and your feedback & reports of wonderful breakthroughs, shifts in energy & health, and almost instant manifestation of your goals has been so inspiring and encourages me to continue on my Divinely Inspired Path 

to be the best that I can be as a

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapist and a Radiant Being of Light *

* Collective Consciousness *

* Habits & Patterns *

This month I'd like to bring your awareness to the concept of habits & PATTERNS in your life, and particularly to the habits & patterns of your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, and I encourage you to consider making a small change to your daily routine, do something different, and work with positive & powerful Affirmations and this will assist you to dissolve any outdated habits & patterns. Consciously bring your awareness to each moment, rather than going through the motions on autopilot, and observe what happens!

* Your true Power is always in the Present Moment *

As individuals we have immense power, however collectively when we harness the Divine Power of our thoughts, words & actions and work together in harmony for the highest good of the community and our Planet we can truly create and experience miracles!

* Radiant Health & Vitality *

Another concept to ponder this month:

Your body is constantly replacing its cells and regenerating tissues and organs which in theory suggests that we can exist in perfect health at all times;

so one may ask the question

' Why do we develop disease & illness in our body?'

The occurrence of disease / distortion in the body is often as a direct result of

distortion in thoughts & thinking patterns & habits!!

These thoughts then lead to poor life choices in diet, lifestyle, and our overall health declines. 

* Feed your body only nourishing nurturing food, thoughts & intentions aligned with Radiant Health & Vitality 

and your entire life experience changes in the most remarkable ways *

We each vibrate at a specific frequency which is determined by the quality of our thoughts and that which we choose to focus our attention toward.

Our frequency attracts more of what we focus on and amplifies it.

For example, if we focus our attention and our thoughts on sovereignty, love, gratitude, compassion, joy, radiant health, and wellness, 

then that is what we will attract & amplify and all aspects of our life will be surrounded with these qualities. 

However, if we focus on illness, and fear (as certain individuals have attempted to enforce particularly over the last couple of years) then that is exactly what we will manifest and attract into our energy field. We will become a vibrational match to the illness we are focusing on and feeding with our thoughts and fearful emotions 

We have the power to create the world within and around us with the use of our Divinely Inspired Thoughts, Words, Emotions, and Actions.

* Your Word is your Magical Wand *

If you are on this planet you are important and have come here to express yourself in unique ways for the highest good of all.

I’m doing a lot of work in my practice at the moment with clearing the family lineage of my clients as most of us are a combination of (often false) beliefs, thoughts, programs, observations, interpretations, and concepts which we learned from parents / teachers / people of influence, all of which were integrated into our Subconscious Mind during development in the womb and particularly up until the age of approximately 7 years. ( it is interesting to note that the concepts of Energy Medicine view the Mother & Child as one Being up until the child is approximately 7 years of age, at which time the child begins to develop their own unique energy field and begins to disconnect from the influence of their mother. If a child is unwell, the concepts of Energy Medicine applies the approach of Treating the Mother rather than the child in order to clear any illness from the child )

This information forms the basis of our primary behaviour patterns and could be considered our ‘primary program’.

As we mature into adults, we are usually not consciously aware that we are running this primary program and more than likely running on outdated information, old programs, and reactive habits, patterns & behaviours which is why we often are unable to find conscious solutions to improve our life and overall health and well-being. It is usually not possible to access a solution at the level of awareness which created the problem…and so we remain stuck in a cycle of repeating patterns…we are not happy, but do not know how to break the cycle…this is where the role of the 

Energy Therapist is very supportive.

Clearing the family lineage is vital to break the cycle of repetitive non-beneficial patterns…genetic illness is nothing more than one generation passing on their ‘stuff’, their grievances, their beliefs (often false), and their emotional ‘baggage’ to the next…I have observed this situation play out in many families and even entire cultural groups where there is very little healing or growth as one generation simply repeats what they learned from their ancestors.

* Energy Medicine *

As energy medicine is multidimensional and not restricted by time & space, an individual client who chooses to heal themselves with the intention of healing the family lineage allows each and every being to benefit from the experience whether they are still living on the Earth plane or have passed into Spirit, this is very powerful to break the cycle and ensure that the baggage of the ancestors is not passed on to future generations. This type of Session is very powerful if clients are experiencing difficulties in conceiving children, often the lineage needs to be cleared before the incoming souls feel safe to be born into the family.

When I treat a client, my intention is always for the highest good of all and targets the origin of the illness. My treatment room is often very full as I embark on an energy session with my client, as each session is a team effort involving the Practitioner & the client, on the physical level, along with the Divine Intelligence and all of our Angels, Guides & Spirit helpers.

The best outcomes can be achieved when the client expresses a deep & sincere willingness to look within and release the false beliefs & programs which are adversely affecting their life. In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, see, sense & listen to the messages that your 

Body * Mind * Heart & Soul * is offering you.

I offer a range of therapeutic techniques during my sessions which support you to access & clear any non-beneficial & outdated habits, patterns & programs which may be contributing to ill health & align you with your Divine Blueprint. 

* Each case is unique and requires a unique approach all of which is discussed during your session *

Most often our primary reason for ill health is as a result of feeling separate & disconnected from the Divine Source...from the moment we are born into a physical body on this planet we have our umbilical cord cut which disconnects us from our mother, and our primary source of nourishment, safety & security, so I'm finding that performing an energy balance in association with our birthing process can have profound positive effects on all levels of our being as the process involves clearing & healing the trauma of being birthed into a physical body and realigning our soul self with our physical body & our Divine Life Purpose and bringing a conscious awareness to the fact that we are always connected with the Divine Intelligence.


* Therapies *

* Mercury Retrograde *

10th May - 3rd June 2022

Mercury goes into a Retrograde phase 3 times a year, although this year it will occur 4 times! and offers us the opportunity to check in and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that we are listening to our Intuition & Inner Guidance and flowing in harmony with our Divine Life Path & Purpose.

So, during this time you may experience the most wonderful flow of synchronicities which is a reminder that you are truly in harmony with your

Divine Life Path & Purpose.

If you are experiencing the challenging / shadow phase of the Mercury Retrograde and having issues with Communication / Mobile Phone / Technology, lost luggage, missed flights / buses / trains / taxi’s, signing that contract against your better judgment, use these experiences as a time of learning and reflection and make any necessary adjustments to best harmonize with your Divine Life Path.

* Mercury *

the planet which influences all forms of

* Communication *

* Travel *

* Contracts / Legalities *

is in Retrograde from 10th May – 3rd of June 2022, so everyone is advised to be extra mindful of all forms of Communication as energies can become amplified, misunderstood, distorted, confused, or lost!!

If making any sort of Travel arrangements, especially if they are Business / Work related, ideally finalize your bookings before the 10th May and be sure to double check and triple check all information and ‘fine print’ before making any sort of commitment.

Avoid or delay signing any Contracts or making any big decisions until after the 3rd June if possible as the energy will be a lot more harmonious.

* Now is the time to back up your Computer & all electronic data!! *

* It's interesting to note that our Federal Election here in Australia is right in the middle of this Mercury Retrograde phase! *

When Mercury is in Retrograde it offers you a powerful opportunity to Reflect on all that is currently going on in your life.

During this time you may experience * delays * confusion * miscommunication * which are all opportunities for you to check in with yourself and decide if this truly is the best course of action for you at this time.

Sometimes when travel plans are delayed…it’s for a very good reason!!

* Alternatively, you may find everything flows very harmoniously for you during this time *

* Feng Shui Tuition *

* If you feel guided & ready to really transform all aspects of your life *

* Restore Balance * Harmony & Flow * to your Home & your Health *

* Please consider my Feng Shui Tuition *


* Feng Shui Tuition *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey * 

6 x 2.5hr Sessions

* For those who are ready for accelerated Evolution & Soul Growth *

* Step onto the Path of Ascension and Align with your Divine Blueprint with the assistance of specifically tailored

* Mentoring Sessions *

to suit your individual requirements *

* Allow yourself to receive Encouragement, Guidance & Support as you truly connect with the Divine Essence of your

* Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

Each session works toward reconnecting you with your natural self-healing abilities,

establishing Sovereignty & supporting your Divine Life Path & Purpose *

* Step onto the Path of Ascension *

* Begin your Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey Today *


* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey *

* Sonia Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy Tuition *

* Tuition available now in person *


* Prospectus *

* Begin your Journey today from Apprentice to Master and receive IICT Approved Tuition in the following subjects *

* Reiki *

* Learn the ancient Art of Hands on Healing and become a channel for Universal Life Force Energy *

* Become a qualified Reiki Practitioner and learn the Art of Distant Healing with the support of the 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols *

* Take your training to the next level and become a Reiki Master, the ultimate level of service, and learn how to

Teach & Attune others to Reiki *

* Crystal Therapy *

* Explore the magic of the Crystal Kingdom as you learn to create Crystal Grids, and develop therapeutic skills to apply crystals

 in advanced healing techniques *

* Tarot *

* Learn the ancient Art of Divination and develop your intuition to become a qualified Intuitive Tarot Card Reader *

* Feng Shui *

* Learn the ancient art of placement to harmonize your home & your life with the rhythms of Universal Energy & the Elements *

* Mystical Numbers * Numerology *

* Your entire Blueprint for life can be revealed from your Date of Birth * Learn the art of Numerology to identify your Strengths, Challenges, 

Life Path & Purpose to become a fully qualified Numerologist *

* Spirit Art *

* Develop your Intuition and let your creativity blossom as you learn to channel Divine Spiritual Energies

to become a fully qualified Spiritual Artist *

* All of my Training Courses are delivered by Request, so whenever you feel guided and ready 

to learn new skills & develop your intuition & creativity, 

simply contact me with your proposed dates and be ready to begin your journey of self-empowerment *


* Tuition *

* Contact Sonia *

* Custom Tuition also available *

* If you are already a Practitioner or a keen seeker of inspiration and wish to acquire specific knowledge

 & develop specific techniques to enhance your Skill Set

please contact me to discuss your requirements and together we will create a unique Custom Tuition experience especially for you *


* Custom Tuition *

* Mystical Numbers *

* 2022 *


 * Feminine Principle *

* Equilibrium * 

* Balance *

* Harmony *

* Receptivity *

* Creativity *

 * Sensitivity *

* Equality *

* Partnership *


* Infinite Potential *

* Open Doorways of Opportunity *

* New Beginnings *

* Divine Manifestation *

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

2022 vibrates with the Universal number 6


radiates the qualities of:

* Love *

* Beauty *

* Harmony *

* Balance *

* Intuition *

* Divine Vision *

* Master Number 22 *

 * Master Builder *
* Manifestation for the highest good of all *
* Practical *
* Community focus *
* Unity *
* Freedom *
* Compassion *
* Kindness *
* Love *

* Solid Foundation *

* Let’s unite in harmony together to build our new reality with Love as our firm foundation *

* June 2022 *

6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 12


* Meditation *

* Time Out for Contemplation *

* Rest & Relaxation *

* New Perspectives *

* Divine Inspiration *

* Intuitive Oracle Readings *

* Consider booking in for an in person

* Intuitive Oracle Reading *

with me to explore your energies & set your intentions for the year ahead *

* All readings include your * Personal Numerology Profile * to support you to flow in harmony with the rhythm of 2022 *

$100 ..... 1hr

* Explore *

* Intuitive Oracle Readings *

* Mystical Numbers Tuition *

* The Study of Numbers otherwise known as 

* Numerology *

is the key to understanding your 

* Strengths, Challenges, Life Lessons, & Life Purpose *

and provides you with insight into how to experience your full potential *

* Your entire Blueprint for Life can be revealed from your Date of Birth! *

* Begin your journey today to become a fully qualified Numerologist *


* Mystical Numbers Tuition *

* 3rd Eye Chakra Activation *

2022 encourages you to:

* Develop your Intuition *

* Trust your inner Vision *

* See yourself & the world around you through eyes of Love *

* Engage in Divine Creativity & Manifestation *

When your * 3rd Eye Chakra * is out of balance you may experience Headaches, Hormonal Imbalances, issues with Vision (physical & spiritual)

and feel unable to see the Divine Love which is all around you.

* Now is the time to express your Creative Essence *

* Develop & Trust your Intuition *

* Express your Truth, and Create the life you truly wish to live *

* Consider a Spiritual Alchemy Session or Mentoring Journey to support the clearing of any blocks or limitations

associated with your * 3rd Eye Chakra


* Therapies *

* Mystical Numbers & The Tarot 2022 *

* Become a Qualified Intuitive Tarot Reader *


* 2 Day Course *


* Tarot Tuition *

* The Lovers *

* The Universal Energy for 2022 aligns with the number 6 and the energy of 

* The Lovers * in the Traditional Rider - Waite Tarot (artist Pamela Colman Smith)

* This year is all about making Divinely Inspired Choices *

* Choosing Love as the foundation on which to make all decisions * 

* Affirmation *

* I do what I love and I love what I do *

Before making any big choice or decision, take a moment to sit quietly, breathe, and connect with your heart. 

Think about each option and feel into your body for guidance. 

What is your immediate instinctive reaction / indication? 

Does your body constrict & become tense when considering one of your choices? 

This may be a sign that this is not the best choice or course of action. 


Does your body feel peaceful, filled with joy & passion when considering one of your options? 

A sure sign that this is the best choice!

* June * also vibrates with the number 6

In the Traditional Rider - Waite Tarot (artist Pamela Colman Smith)

the Number 6 aligns with The Lovers which amplifies the qualities of the Lovers:

June 2022 aligns with the qualities of The Hanged Man (6 + 6 = 12)

* Meditation *

* Time Out for Contemplation *

* Rest & Relaxation *

* New Perspectives *

* Divine Inspiration *

* Now is the time to connect with the Divine Light within & Choose Love *


 Consider an

* Intuitive Tarot / Oracle Card Reading * 

to gain insight & clarity into your current circumstances

and to support & empower your life journey *


* Intuitive Tarot / Oracle Readings *

* Every day in June is extra special *

Supercharged dates are:

1 / 6 / 2022

* Winter begins (Southern Hemisphere) *

6 / 6 / 2022 (6)

* Divine Love * Beauty * Harmony * Balance *

14 / 6 / 2022

* Full Moon *

* Renewal *

* Fulfillment *

29 / 6 / 2022

* New Moon *

* Beginnings *

and each is a

very powerful day

to do what you love, perhaps consider experiencing a

* Transformational Energy Session *

* June 2022 *

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Sessions *

* A Spiritual Alchemy Session *

is an ideal way to explore areas in your life you wish to strengthen & develop,

and those that you wish to release *

* Set your intentions for the life you truly wish to live and step through the Doorway into a brand new world *

* Now is the time to shine your brightest light and align with your Divine Life Path and Purpose *

* I currently only offer 2 Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Sessions in person per day, and my sessions book up very quickly, 

so please Contact me today to secure your preferred Appointment *


* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy *

* My Commitment to you *

I walk the path of Divine Inspiration and my role & life purpose while inhabiting a physical body on this planet is to shine my Divine Light, to Inspire, to demonstrate by example that it is possible to overcome adversity, to thrive and prosper.

I offer you Crystal Wisdom, Divinely inspired messages from the Stars, Art, Vision, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Grace, & Love.

I am a * Healer * Mystic * Artist * Teacher * Divine Messenger * Spiritual Alchemist * Radiant Light Being * a student of life * and so much more, and I consider it an absolute honour to share my skills & abilities and life experience with each and every one of you.

My intention is to offer insight and concepts to consider and I encourage you to connect with your own intuitive guidance to find the information which best resonates with you at this time. I welcome questions, so if you would like to know more, please contact me : )

During each of my Training Courses & Therapy Sessions, I explore the concepts of Energy Medicine & Spiritual Alchemy in great depth and detail, so if you are interested in learning more about energy healing techniques, becoming a Practitioner, or would like to experience first hand the benefits of an Energy Session with me, then I would love to share my wisdom & knowledge with you.

Energy Medicine activates your * Mind * Body * Soul’s * natural ability to self-heal and reminds you of your connection with the Divine Source within, the Infinite Flow of Universal Life Force Energy, along with your Faith in yourself and your own unique abilities, which when harnessed also connect you with Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Happiness, Abundance,

Wealth & Prosperity, Peace & Radiant Health.

* All of these qualities already exist within you *

Energy therapies access the origin & source of the symptoms which are being presented & expressed in your body. Your body is a direct reflection of the concepts & beliefs, conscious & subconscious programs you hold within your Mind. In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, See, Sense & Listen to the messages that your Body is offering you.

* Moon Cycles *

* New Moon *

Wednesday 29th June 2022

* Fresh Start * Revelations *

* New Beginnings * a great time to Review *

* Release * & * Rebuild Solid Foundations *

* in all areas of your life *

* Full Moon *

Tuesday 14th June 2022

* Completion * Accomplishment * Recognition *

* Transformation * Alchemy * Empowerment *

* The Full Moon & New Moon offer powerful Portals of Opportunity for Transformation on all levels *

The Moon governs the tidal flow of Water across the entire Planet and so it makes sense that we as Human Beings are also affected by the Cycles of the Moon as we are approximately 65% Water!!

Our Emotions are also connected with the Element of Water and often fluctuate according to the Moon Cycles.

Experiencing an Energy Balance such as a Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session

is highly recommended on these super charged days!!

* Please Contact me for further information

and be quick to book in for your unique Transformational experience *

* Contact Sonia *

* Affirmation *

* Positive words with powerful intent *

We are now in very powerful and exciting times here on Planet Earth and I would like to bring your particular attention the the immense power of your thoughts, along with the spoken and written word, , each of which is an Affirmation...You are a very powerful creator of your experiences and whatever you consistently feed with your thoughts, and words ultimately becomes manifest in your experiences.

Working with Affirmations is a simple and effective way of heightening your vibration and enhancing your overall sense of well being. You may like to write your Affirmation and say it out loud…try it for yourself and feel the difference!

* My Intuition is Clear, Strong & Divinely Aligned *

* Your thoughts and your words are all Affirmations *

* I choose Joy *

* I choose Freedom *

* I choose Sovereignty *

* I choose all of my Thoughts, Words, & Actions *

* My Word is my Magical Wand *

* I invite you to notice how many times a day you speak positively and tell yourself

you are

wonderful & brilliant and that you can succeed & prosper in all that you do *

* Now, I invite you to notice

how many times that you speak with negativity,

often with passion & intensity, telling yourself that you can’t do or have something *

* Your body and the world around you respond, often immediately to all of your thoughts, words & actions *

* You have the power to completely transform your life

just by modifying your thoughts and words!! *

SUGGESTION: write and speak out loud your Affirmations at least 6 times each day for June,

using the colour  * Indigo *  * be creative * have FUN!!

The Universe says ‘YES’ to everything that you think and say!!!

* Thinking thoughts and speaking words that are encouraging and supportive

of yourself and others

will allow you to create the life that you truly want to live!! *

* Divine Power *

* I am absolutely passionate about reminding everyone each and every day of your Divine Power *

I encourage:

* Unity *

* Compassion *

* Peace *

* Love *

* Tolerance *

* Patience *

* Sovereignty *

* Conscious Conversations *

* Honour *

* Respect *

* We are currently being challenged with possibly one of the biggest shifts humanity has seen on this planet, and through this time of turbulence, I encourage you to connect with your Divinity, your Inner Spark of Divine Light & Love, and shine brightly * 

It's time to go * SUPERNOVA * with your Brilliance and your Light!

* Connect with the essence of your Soul & harness the power of your Intuition, for your Divine Soul knows the Truth *

* Love will always triumph *

* If you require further support & guidance, and would like to discuss your concerns in person in a private confidential setting,

 then please contact me to book your appointment * 

* Contact Sonia *


* Therapies *

* Affirmation Key *

Affirmation + Energy Balance = Alignment with Divine Blueprint

Your Affirmations are best supported with a Spiritual Alchemy Energy Balance such as a


* Reiki Relaxation *

* Crystal Chakra Balance *

* Intuitive Oracle Reading *

* Pendulum Power Clearing *

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session *

* Divine Timing Crystal Meridian Balance *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey * 6 x 2.5hr Sessions *


to ensure the pathway of the Subconscious & Conscious Mind and associated Manifestation Portals are all clear and in alignment with your Divine Blueprint *


* Therapies *

* Crystals *

The overall intention & vibration of this Crystal Grid is to activate & align with the vibrations of

* Intuition *

* Joy * Prosperity * Radiant Health & Vitality * Divine Vision *


* GOLD *

* Prosperity * Financial Wealth & Abundance * Divine Light * Joy *


* Intuition * Divine Vision * Communication with Divine Beings * 3rd Eye Chakra Activation *


* Divine Manifestation * Divine Will Power * Courage * Confidence * Action * Creativity *

* You may wish to meditate with this image & connect with the energy of the Crystals for inspiration this month *

* My Philosophy & Earth Mission *

* I am absolutely passionate about every aspect of my Life *

* It is my Philosophy & Mission to share my Knowledge & Wisdom with all who feel guided to work with me, to provide support and gentle guidance in a safe professional environment where you may access your own inner spark of

* Divine Light * Love * & * Wisdom *

so that you may accept responsibility for your own health & well being and align with your Divine Blueprint *

* If you feel guided, please share my Newsletter link

with all who you feel may benefit from my Divinely Inspired Message *

* Thank you *

* Many Blessings to all for the month of June 2022 * Sonia *

* Sonia * Starflower * Jenkinson *


* Kinesiologist *

* Spiritual Alchemist *

* Reiki Master * Teacher *

* Crystal Therapist * Spiritual Artist *

* Feng Shui Specialist * Numerologist * Intuitive Oracle *

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


77 Mildmay St Fairfield Brisbane Qld 4103

m: 0419 66 4711

international: + 61 419 66 4711

e: [email protected]


ABN: 78 787 649 856

I am a * Healer * Mystic * Artist * Teacher * Divine Messenger * Spiritual Alchemist * Radiant Light Being * a student of life * and so much more! I walk the path of Divine Inspiration and my role & life purpose while inhabiting a physical body on this planet is to shine my Divine Light, to Inspire, to demonstrate by example that it is possible to thrive & prosper. I offer you Crystal Wisdom, Divinely inspired messages from the Stars, Alignment, Art, Vision, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Grace & Love, and I consider it an absolute honour to share my skills, abilities and life experience with each and every one of you *

I am a qualified Teaching Reiki Master now with over 15 years of experience. I’m also a qualified Kinesiologist, Vibrational Therapist, specialising in Crystal, Colour, Sound, & Energy Therapies, a Numerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, & Professional Intuitive Oracle Card Reader, with Diploma’s in both Metaphysics & Spiritual Artistry. With an Associate Diploma in Clinical Laboratory Techniques from QUT, and a professional background in Clinical Biochemistry, I bring a wealth of Practical Knowledge & Intuitive Wisdom to all of my Sessions.

My Philosophy & Mission is to share my Knowledge & Wisdom with all who feel guided to work with me; to provide support and gentle guidance in a safe professional environment so that you may access your own inner spark of * Divine Light * Love * & Wisdom * , to accept responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and align with your Divine Blueprint. My Therapy Sessions & Training Courses are conducted at Starflower’s Crystal Wisdom Academy of Spiritual Alchemy, my beautiful purpose built Studio in the inner Brisbane suburb of Fairfield, and I also offer specialist Tuition at additional venues in harmony with qualified Master Teachers & Practitioners by request.

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