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* Academy of Spiritual Alchemy * House Rules & Code of Conduct *

* Attendance at Starflower’s Crystal Wisdom Academy of Spiritual Alchemy is by appointment only and by Invitation.

* The Academy is a place of light, love, joy, peace, tranquility, healing, and learning.

* Students are guests at the Academy and are required to conduct themselves in a responsible & courteous manner.

* Smoking, Alcohol, Illicit Drugs, are not permitted on the premises, and students under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs will not be permitted on the premises.

* Students are required to be punctual and arrive for training in a timely manner.

* Students are required to participate in the activities of learning as requested and demonstrated by the trainer to meet the standards required for the qualification.

* Students are required to meet a behaviour standard that does not interfere with the learning of other students or the ability for the trainer to deliver the training.

* After either verbal or written warning, if any student’s behaviour is deemed by the Trainer to be unacceptable or inappropriate, then the Trainer may exercise the right to suspend or cancel services to the student without refund, at which time the student in question is required to leave the training premises immediately.

* My beautiful Black Cat, Star, is my familiar, my companion, and a very spoilt resident at the Academy and may wish to greet you or participate in some other Divinely Guided way during your Tuition. Star is an indoor cat, so please be mindful when entering or exiting the Academy. 

Please note: Star is a rescue cat and was very cruelly treated before she came to live with me. She is very curious and playful, however if she feels threatened or senses uneasy energy she may react with a hiss or attempt to scratch (however this is very unusual), so if you are unfamiliar with the nature of cats, please treat her with caution until she gets to know you.

* Students are responsible for bringing along their own food & eating utensils. A fridge is available to store cold items. Kitchen facilities are available, but not a microwave.

Starflower's Crystal Wisdom House Rules & Code of Conduct 2022 *

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